What Life Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Here’s the dirty secret the life insurance companies don’t want you to know!  Policy holders, when surrendering unwanted life policies for only the cash value, insurance companies have been buying back their policies far below fair market value!  I repeat, they are buying back policies on the cheap!  Policy holder’s like you have been leaving millions of dollars on the table collectively!  Now it is certainly their right to pay only the cash value, however, it is also your private property rights to attempt to sell your policy for as much as possible in the open market!  Please review our “Sell Don’t Surrender” actual case examples.  Let the open free market decide what your policy is worth!

We have a pristine track record with over 30 years of experience in the life insurance business!  Our job is to package your policy to the open market, secure multiple offers and drive the highest cash price for your policy.  Our specialty is multiple offers!  (Make sure to view the 5-minute Video Tutorial).

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Sell Don’t Surrender – Here’s Why…

Jerry A. Orefice, CLU
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Actual Cases

Death Benefit 2M 500K 2M 2M 5M
Cash Value 73K 3K 5K 10K 20K
Sales Price 225K 105K 300K 135K 2.5M
Profit +125K +102K +295K +125K +2.480M

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